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About us
Phasewalker is created by esports enthusiasts. Whilst growing up in the Quake and Unreal Tournament environments, we have developed a love for competitive gaming and the modern day esports scene. More than 20 years of esports experience turned into consulting and guiding companies to reach millennials and the esports industry.


Phasewalker connects endemic and non-endemic companies to the world of esports, or the esports industry. By means of creating new concepts, looking for possible business opportunities & innovations for your brand, we provide truly authentic esports consulting for your company.


Phasewalker aims to contribute to a new sustainable future for gaming and esports in an ever changing world. We believe in "The Global Goals" initiative, and support this dynamism to the fullest.



We create innovative and exciting concepts that fit in the esports- and automotive industry. With a high focus on developing concepts that add to existing events and facilities. Strengthening the experience people have at these places and thereby strengthening the brand image of every company involved. In case of the automotive industry, we take a non-endemic company and introduced it to the world of esports. Now, the niche market of automotive tuning and gaming enthusiasts are brought together in form of a large festival with cars and games. This concept can be introduced to any endemic or non-endemic company.


A strong concept can only be a strong product if there is a demand for the product, or if there is an opportunity to create a demand. Therefore proper research is needed. We offer academic level research to any company wanting to be involved in the esports industry. We have the ability to research anything from a feasibility study to an underlying values study. Feel free to contact us when your company is interested in entering or expanding it's value within the esports industry.



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